Our Physicians

Our physicians are compassionate and experienced specialists with a comprehensive understanding of cardiac conditions. Through close collaboration, we provide the most advanced techniques and technologies, focusing on the individual needs of our patients throughout their journey through cardiac care.

Our Affiliated Hospitals

  • Toronto General Hospital
  • Toronto Western Hospital
  • Southlake Regional Health Centre
  • St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Interventional Cardiologists

Interventional Cardiologists provide advanced coronary intervention with state-of-the-art diagnostics to ensure the highest level of care for our patients.

  • Dr. Chris Overgaard
  • Dr. Eric Horlick
  • Dr. Mark Osten

Heart Rhythm Specialists (Electrophysiologists)

This highly specialized branch of cardiac care focuses on rhythm disorders and the electric system of the heart.

  • Dr. Michael Gollob
  • Dr. Danna Spears
  • Dr. Cameron Gilbert
  • Dr. Garry Thomas

Heart Failure

Our physicians help those dealing with this chronic disease strengthen their hearts and provide advanced treatments that can help extend life, and improve capacity and function.

  • Dr. Adriana Luk
  • Dr. Sean Balmain

Cardiac Imaging

Our expert Cardiac Imaging team is among the most specialized and experienced in cardiac care, providing advanced technologies and precise imaging.

  • Dr. Taz Vira (Echocardiography)
  • Dr. Beth Abramson (Nuclear Cardiology)

General Cardiology

Our expert Cardiologists provide a comprehensive approach, encompassing all facets of cardiac care to create the best possible results for our patients.

  • Dr. John Janevski
  • Dr. Amar Uxa
  • Dr. Beth Abramson
  • Dr. Taz Vira
  • Dr. Cameron Gilbert
  • Dr. Juri Reial
  • Dr. Sean Balmain
  • Dr. Garry Thomas

Preventive Cardiology

Our specialized cardiologists focus on risk reduction in high risk individuals to assess and modify their risk of cardiovascular events.

  • Dr. Beth Abramson (Risk reduction/Women’s Cardiovascular Health)
  • Dr. Cameron Gilbert